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Good dental health starts early. We are dedicated to educating children, along with their parents, about preventative oral care. Supervised brushing and flossing are essential in early age groups, and we will work with your child individually to help them develop the right oral hygiene habits for life.

​Not only do we monitor a child’s tooth and jaw development, but also their facial growth and airway development (the ability to breathe, suck and swallow properly are significant factors in the proper growth and development of their whole face). If required, we team with quality, experienced specialists such as Orthodontist, Speech Pathologist, and an ENT specialist to help reach optimal health and development for your child.

​Our gentle manner and painless dental techniques will ensure a pleasant experience for both the child and their parents. If a local anesthetic is required, our unique method will ensure it is entirely painless, and most children are unaware they have even had it.