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JAW JOINT TREATMENT in Woden, canberra

Occlusal Splint

Jaw joint and muscle pain can affect your daily function, such as eating, yawning, smiling and talking. These can indicate signs of Temporal Mandibular Disorder, which can also present as ear ache, limited mouth opening, clicking jaw and recurring headaches. The symptoms can be any combination and vary from mild to severe. There are several causes of Temporal Mandibular Disorder, but the most dominant one relates to night time clenching and grinding (determined by your genetics).

The symptoms generated are directly proportional to the severity of the clenching/grinding – more intense clenching/grinding, more intense symptoms. This repetitive behaviour results in cumulative damage to the jaw joint and associated structures and can considerably damage teeth and restorations. This damage can also occur without any of the associated symptoms.

Worn anytime while you’re asleep, our professionally made Occlusal Splints (‘Sleep Guards’) decrease and balance the load on your jaw joints and protect your teeth beautifully. It helps to manage the symptoms and dramatically reduces the frequency of broken teeth or restorations, while making your teeth low maintenance. Used as instructed, the symptoms will either not recur, or will recur in a much milder form the next time you’re severely stressed. These Splints are arguably the best things we could do for you, if you’re a clencher/grinder.