Tooth Whitening

There are many products and methods on the market for the whitening of teeth.  We recommend the safest, most effective way to produce the right result. We manufacture a  take-home whitening kit with custom-made trays (uniquely made so they’re re-usable later, when a ‘touch-up’ is required).  It’s the best way to retain whiter (but natural) results long term.


We understand that there is a natural range of ‘whiteness’ for different age and gender groups, and effectively achieve the ‘whitest’ end of this natural range so it is age appropriate without looking horribly ‘fake’.  


We step through the instructions with you in detail to achieve a brighter, healthier smile.  ‘Touching up’ tooth whitening to maintain the desired level of ‘whiteness’ is required every 5 years or so, no matter how it was originally done.  With our re-usable trays, the ‘touching up’ process is easy, inexpensive and no need to start again.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are handcrafted, thin shells of porcelain that attach to the front surfaces and biting edges of your teeth. It’s an excellent way of improving discolouration, length, shape and removing gaps to enhance your smile and, at the same time, improve the strength and structure of your teeth.


It’s a gentle procedure, which requires minimally preparing the weaker parts of your teeth before they receive the bonded porcelain veneers.  Teaming with our Master Ceramist allows the production of porcelain veneers that mimic the translucency of real teeth, correcting any deficiencies in the structure or shape of the teeth, while blending in superbly with your other teeth.


Ceramic Crowns

Badly broken down, severely weakened teeth and cracked teeth need to be strengthened and protected.  A Ceramic Crown is like new ‘enamel’ (the outer shell) for the tooth. It is bonded securely in place after the weak ‘core’ of the tooth has been rebuilt.  Any missing tooth structure is first replaced with modern bonding technology and a special tooth-coloured filling material. We can then use the latest ceramic technology to restore strength and recreate the natural translucency of your teeth.  


This type of crown is not indestructible, but does provide superb protection for the tooth, is biologically very sound and very easy to clean due to the special type of porcelain we use. It’s an excellent way to restore, long term, normal chewing again.  Cosmetically, the Master Ceramist we team with ensures that they match so well, they are virtually undetectable in your mouth.


Enamel Microabrasion

People are commonly born with discoloured enamel – usually white spots, but it can be yellow/brown – just on the surface of the tooth, like a coat of paint. Micro-abrasion is the delicate removal of a microscopic layer of discoloured enamel to produce an even-coloured tooth surface.  


It’s a very safe and simple cosmetic solution that, is completely painless, doesn’t weaken the teeth in the slightest and in fact makes them smoother and easier to clean.


Aesthetic Contouring

As teeth age (especially in people who are heavy night - time tooth ‘grinders’), they can appear discoloured and worn.  Aesthetic contouring involves the delicate smoothing of the roughened edges of the enamel on your front teeth, which precisely refinines their shape making them a more aesthetically pleasing version at the same time.  


On the contrary to what most people think it makes them stronger and less likely to chip or break in the future. This provides the illusion of straighter, more ‘even’ teeth, which can improve mild cases of crowding when braces are not desired.  It often works very well in combination with tooth-whitening to give the teeth an harmonious, ‘tailored’ but natural look.



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