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What is the average time you spend brushing your teeth? How long are your children brushing their teeth? 

Most kids will want to shorten the two-minute brushing time you set as a goal, so don’t be surprised if yours do too. And even if they do take the two minutes to clean their teeth, they may not be doing it effectively. 

If you want your children to develop good brushing habits and maintain a high standard of oral health, here is some helpful information on how to brush your teeth -for kids. 


Developing The Habit Of Tooth Brushing In Your Child

Over half of kids between 6 and 8 have at least one cavity in a baby tooth. So, it would be best if you started getting your kids involved in brushing their teeth from the get-go. When they are about two or three years old, you can assist them in acquiring this skill by allowing them to try it independently and then check to see that every spot has been cleaned.

Children typically acquire the fine motor skills necessary for brushing their teeth at age eight. Get them used to brushing their teeth at night because that’s when the most cavities develop



However, even at this age, supervision is usually necessary until you are confident they can do it successfully without help. 

To get them interested in the teeth brushing process, play animated clips of characters teaching them how to brush their teeth, for kids learn a lot from observation. 


Tips for brushing kids’ teeth

Here are some tips for brushing children’s teeth to help maintain oral health: 


Select Appropriate Toothcare Products

Since children often have smaller mouths, using an adult-sized toothbrush can be awkward and uncomfortable. Instead,  get a kid-sized toothbrush with a small head. 

If your kid has a favourite colour or cartoon character, let them pick a brush in that theme. Getting them to use the toothbrush regularly will be much simpler if they enjoy using it.

Get your kid a toothpaste they’ll like to maintain their oral health. Regular toothpaste tends to have a strong mint flavour that may turn off a child. Children prefer toothpaste with fruity flavours like bubble gum or cherry. 


brushing teeth children wodenBegin With Some Side-to-Side Action

Use a circular motion when brushing, which might be difficult for kids. The first and most essential step is teaching them to brush from side to side. 

Make sure they give equal time to brushing both sides of their mouth. Please encourage them to progress to brushing in small circles and then up and down as they get proficient at the side-to-side motions. 


Teach Them To Use Floss Picks

Plaque and bacteria can only be eliminated from between teeth by flossing, so it is vital for kids’ dental health. Floss picks are an excellent alternative to regular floss for kids. They won’t injure your child’s delicate fingers and can easily manoeuvre between the teeth. 



Teaching the art of brushing teeth can be challenging, but you can do it. When caring for your kid’s dental health, remember that the effort you put in now will pay off in the long run and reward them with good oral health they can take with them into adulthood. 


Schedule An Appointment For Your Child With Dental Excellence

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