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“How long do crowns last?” is one of the first questions patients ask us when we recommend dental crowns to treat their teeth. It’s a tricky question to answer because it depends on several factors, including the type of dental crown, the standard of oral care, diet, and injury to the tooth. This varies from one person to another and ultimately affects how long their tooth restoration lasts. 


How long do crowns last?

A standard ceramic dental crown should last as long as ten years for most patients, but it could be longer or less depending on how well a patient cares for it. In other words, the better a person’s oral hygiene, the longer a dental crown will last. 

In some cases, a person may never need their dental crowns replaced. However, experiencing trauma or injury to the mouth and teeth is likely to result in damage or the crown coming loose. 



What dental crowns last the longest?

Some dental crowns have a longer lifespan than others, depending on the material they’re made from. For example, metal crowns typically last longer than porcelain dental crowns because the material is more durable


How long do crowns last – comparison of the different types

The table below indicates how long different types of dental crowns last on average, assuming you maintain good oral health, do not suffer trauma to the tooth and do not grind your teeth. If you suffer from bruxism, it’s best to wear a nightguard when you sleep to protect your teeth and dental crowns to help them last as long as possible.


Type of Dental Crown  How long do dental crowns last (years)
Composite resin  At least 5 
Porcelain Between 5-15 
Ceramic Up to 15 
Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)  10-15 
Gold  20 
Zirconia 20  


Reasons a dental crown may not last as long as expected

Poor oral hygiene is one of the main reasons a dental crown may not last as long as it should. If bacteria enters a tooth, the dentist will have no option but to remove the crown to treat the underlying decay. Other reasons include: 


Poorly made or placed dental crowns

You’re likely to notice if your dental crown has not been fitted properly or is poorly made soon after the procedure. Eating could prove difficult, and you may find that your bite does not align correctly. If you experience any looseness or discomfort with a new dental crown, speak to your dentist about a replacement. 


PFM crowns can lose their natural appearance

tooth crowns longevity wodenWhile porcelain fused to metal dental crowns provide a solution to durability and aesthetic requirements, they can start to look dull due to poor oral hygiene or wear and tear over time. The metal base can start wearing through, making your tooth look grey and dull. 

If your dental crown encounters any of the above, it may be time to consider having it replaced. 

Hopefully, this has answered your question, “how long do crowns last?” 


Do you need a dental crown?

Why not contact the experienced team at Dental Excellence. While we can’t guarantee your crown will last a lifetime, we use high-quality materials and the latest techniques for long-lasting, reliable results. Contact us today on (02) 6188 7293 to book an appointment. 




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