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While it’s commonly known what causes discolouration in adult teeth, did you know that there are several explanations for why your child’s teeth may look yellow? Some causes could be due to certain foods or beverages, while others might have more to do with hygiene.

Either way, don’t worry – a quick chat with your child’s dentist should help get you to the bottom of things. And afterwards, seeing those pearly whites back in all their glory will surely put a smile on both of your faces.

To understand which factor applies to your child’s particular case, read on for advice about what you can do at home and when it’s best to speak with your child’s dentist. 


What You Need to Know About Tooth Discolouration

Baby teeth are generally brighter than adult permanent teeth because they contain more minerals. Discolouration of teeth is a common condition in children. What’s more, the causes vary and can range from simple to complex. 



Tooth discolouration can happen as a result of two main factors, external discolouration and internal discolouration


External Discolouration

External discolouration is temporary and can be a result of many different factors. This includes: 


1. Fluorosis

Fluoride is essential in ensuring healthy teeth and bones, but too much fluoride can damage tooth enamel-forming cells, causing discolouration. 


2. Foods and Drinks

Certain acidic fruits and vegetables (like blueberries, oranges, or tomatoes) or drinks like sugar water, cranberry juice, or grape juice can cause tooth staining. To reduce tooth stains from dark foods and drinks, encourage your child to rinse their mouth out after every meal or snack. 


3. Poor oral hygiene

In some cases, poor oral hygiene can also be to blame. If your child has been neglecting proper brushing and flossing habits, then this could definitely be the culprit for their yellow teeth. 


Internal Discolouration

Internal discolouration can happen due to medical conditions and sometimes can be permanent due to several factors. Such as:

  1. The teeth look brown because your little one has either suffered some sort of injury.
  2. Your child’s teeth may appear blue, purple or red due to trauma.
  3. Teeth have white stains, which is often an early indication of tooth decay.
  4. Your kid’s teeth appear orange, which is a sign of bacteria building up and poor oral hygiene habits.
  5. Jaundice is a condition caused by an excessive build-up of bilirubin in the body. It can cause yellowing or discolouration of the teeth, as well as other parts of the body, such as the eyes and skin.


How to Treat Yellow Teeth in Children?

kids tooth discolouration wodenIf the cause of your child’s yellow teeth is external discolouration, then good brushing habits and flossing twice a day will help. Brushing with water and baking soda can also help reduce discolouration.

Regular dental check-ups are also essential to ensure that their oral health remains in good condition.

In the case of internal discolouration, it’s best to speak with your child’s dentist.

Depending on the cause of the discolouration and its severity, they may recommend an at-home whitening kit or a professional tooth whitening procedure.

Your dentist can also advise you on how to prevent further damage and staining if necessary.

No matter what is causing your child’s yellow teeth, it is important to seek advice from a qualified dental professional as soon as possible.

Worried about your children’s teeth? Book an appointment with our expert dental team at Dental Excellence on (02) 6188 7293 today. We love seeing young patients and helping them set the right foundations for their oral health!






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